Community Projects

Luther Burbank triptych
Piece by Piece

I am happy to be a part of this program that brings mosaic art training to underserved areas of Los Angeles. Founded by Sophie Alpert, Piece by Piece builds both self-confidence and community pride by bringing people together to create mosaic art. Skills are taught through our certificate program; participants sell their individual works and collaborate on large-scale projects. I look forward to working with the participants, instructors and volunteers here every week and am inspired by their creativity and strength of spirit. Together, we have completed our first public art projects as well as several commissions. If you are interested in volunteering, please email me. Visit our website:

International Community Project - Flower Wall Garden

Last summer, we conceived a project to revitalize a neglected garden area behind Broadway Village II, a Piece by Piece mosaic workshop site. The project soon took on a life of its own, inspiring over 300 volunteers! Over 500 flowers were created by local participants, mosaic artists across the US, and 5 different countries. The flowers were composed and set onto two block walls, and the garden has since been planted by residents and volunteers. View the garden's progress here (photo gallery coming soon).


School Projects

Luther Burbank triptych

Luther Burbank School, Exterior Mural

The original “Mother Tree” was developed by the school’s namesake, Luther Burbank. The renowned botanist and hortoculturalist grafted many different fruits onto one tree. The mosaic was created by the community and several talented mosaic artists, as well as the students and parents of Luther Burbank Elementary School, using mostly recycled materials we collected specifically for the project. Size: nine feet by five feet.

Luther Burbank Shasta Daisy - Welcome!

Luther Burbank School, Entryway Mosaic

Created by the community, parents and students of Luther Burbank Elementary. This eight foot by three foot mosaic is installed at the school’s front desk, welcoming students daily. In addition to hundreds of fruits and vegetables, Luther Burbank developed what he called the perfect flower: the Shasta Daisy.

Grant School Mosaics

“Oh California!” and “Under the Sea”

These two nine-panel murals were created with the fourth-grade students of Mrs. Wilson’s class at Grant Elementary in Long Beach, CA, as a part of their monthly Art Days. The murals tied in with their studies in California icons and ocean eco-systems.

Los Al "Cal Landscapes"

Los Alamitos Elementary "California Landscapes"

Mr. Bearns’ 4th Grade class created these mosaic panels. Students drew various California landscapes, and three of the crayon drawings were chosen to interpret into mosaic. In making this project, the class learned about recycled art as well as the art of mosaic. We used broken plates, vitreous tile, and tumbled stained glass.

Alvarado School Mosaics

“California” and “American History” Mosaic Panels

I worked with teacher Cindy Wechsung and the 4th and 5th Grade Students at Alvarado Elementary School in Signal Hill, California to create two series of six 2 x 2 ft panels depicting events and icons of California and American History. The panel topics are from students’ brainstorming sessions. Luz Mack-Durini, my friend and fellow artist helped in the preparation and grouting of this great project. Intern Zoe also assisted.

WRAP after-school project Renaissance High Long Beach

Renaissance High "W.R.A.P"

I taught mosaic classes through the WRAP after school program at Renaissance High School for the Arts, Long Beach CA. Students worked on individual projects, and we created one group project each semester. Shown is a four-panel group project.